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How to get cosmetic tube metallic look

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Recently, some of my clients told me they like cosmetic tube packaging with metallic look. In this case, many people may think ABL tube at first. However, specializing in cosmetic packaging over 13 years, Auber Packaging has other solutions to make it as well. Here I summarize three ways as below, hope they can help you choose the suitable one.

1.ABL Tube

Feature: There is a aluminum layer in tube itself, although outer/insider layer is PE, which make it look metallic and very shiny-see below pic. What's more, it supports CMYK printing with very vivid and clear effect on tube surface. Of course, you can choose any of colors on pantone card printed on basic tube to get several of metallic colors. As far as we know, many customers choose this tube for filling hand cream, skin care, sunscreen etc.


2. Metallic color extruding PE tube

Feature: When extruding, tube raw material is already metallic color-see below pic. We can extrude different metallic colors as per pantone card colors. This kind of tube can print solid color very well. But CMYK printing effect is not better than ABL tube. One important point, the price is the cheapest one amount three metallic look tube. At present, many of customer choose this color tube to fill sunscreen, tanning, BB cream etc.

metallic effect tube

3. Hot stamping cover whole extruding PE tube

Usually this kind of tube basic color is white or transparent, and then hot-stamping covering the whole tube (see below pic). Although it has strong and shiny metallic look, the wastage is very high and easy to be scratched when friction. So, the price is the highest one. Also, the optional hot stamping colors are limited. Now not too much overseas clients choose it, but if you like, have a try.

gold hot stamping on extruding PE tube

In a short, above are three ways to get your cosmetic tube metallic looks. If you are interest in any of way, please contact with me.

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