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How ABL Tubes Printed in production line

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airless cosmetic pump tubes Auber produce

On 29 Sept before I started holiday, one of my customers order was under production. I went to workshop to confirm the tube color since this customer cares about the color very much, I want to make sure to have no mistake. The tube color and matte varnish are very complicated for this product, I still can remember so many times of sampling and different material we’ve tried to achieve this effect. 

This tube is an High Glossy Laminated Tube which we purchase material sheet with certain sizes, print first, then welded into tubes, and start the afterwards steps. Which is different from PE tubes production procedures. 

When I went into the workshop, our worker was still working on the color by CMYK printing, the color was adjusted by 4color oils. 

airless cosmetic pump tube Auber produces

When a new color came out, he’ll match the color sheet of last order with the printing. 

Packaging airless cosmetic pump tube Auber produce

It’s really time consuming, in order to achieve the color we want, I’ve stayed there for almost 3hours, plus worker’s 1hour before I was there. The last hour in fact was just spent on the very small adjustment. 

So 4hours+2.5rolls of material of wasting, finally we achieved the color exactly same as before. 

airless cosmetic pump tube produces

I also took a video about the printing, you can check Youtube:

to have more idea about CMYK printing on ABL Tube(Aluminum plastic laminated tube), High glossy laminated tube or PBL tubes(Plastic laminated tube)

The worker need to be very patient, full of knowledge of machine management, and color adjustment. Every position is not easy, this is what I thought when I confirmed the color to him. 


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