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The ABL tube is not burned through!

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These days some customers are asking for more details of the difference between the tube styles, like ABL, PBL, and high glossy laminated tubes. In order to offer the most accurate details to customers, we are thinking from any points might be caused differences.

Well, Henry is really a reflective guy. He brought out a questions, why don't we have a burning testing? Yeah! You are really an amazing young man I ever met in 2016.

So yesterday, we did the testing on ABL tube, and found the difference which we didn't think we should tell customers because they are structure issue of the tubes.

Cosmetic tubes ABL tubes Polyfoil tubes

This time, I am the photographer because Tinna is on her maternity leave. haha... Not as good as her, but you can find the result easily.

Check out this vedio in Youtube and you will find the amazing truth: The middle layer of Aluminum didn't burn through after more than 1minute!! While the PE layer was burning happily over there.

Later on, let's see the one of PBL, PE tubes......

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