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The population of airless cosmetic tube packaging

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Recently, the  airless cosmetic tube packaging is flourishing. Why? As is known to all, oxygen is necessary for human’s life, however, it will cause some trouble sometime. In cosmetics career, oxygen will bring bad impact on the product’s formulation. 

D30mm Airless Pump Packaging for Makeup Products

Airless cosmetic tube packaging

Most cosmetics tubes are still full of some microorganisms, which will increase rapidly under a little bit oxygen. That is also the reason why they can beat the balance of the inner environment.

Air will cause the changing color of the sunshine, the metamorphic of the food, what’s worse, the mould of the cosmetics and so on. Fortunately, people discover a new technology of airless cosmetic tubes packaging, which can protect the product from the harm of oxygen, and expend its expired date.

30mm diameter Airless Cosmetics  Packaging

30mm diameter Airless Cosmetics  Packaging

Nowadays, the airless tube packaging is known by more and more suppliers, it is likely to lead a revolution of packaging career. And the next thing to be considered is the quality and distinctions of the product.