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An airless pump tube become complicated (2)……

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As we mentioned this order was an airless pump tube with big area hot stamping, the last batch of stamping foil unfortunately left gold powder on the tube after the hot stamping, even though It’s imported from Japan. Time was limited, we even had no time to wait for the actual reason and final solution from the Japan supplier about this foil problem, and we could not change to other foil because of the consistant color. So we had to keep using this foil for the balance quantity which is nearly half of the order. 

This was really effected the processing. To make up the quantity, we had to clean the pump tube packaging one by one after hot stamping. All of our overseas department colleagues went to workshop to clean tubes, including our boss. 

auber pump tubes for personal care products
The production loss was much higher than we estimated. Before this order, I was told that the production loss of some tubes with complicated requests was very high. This is my first time to  face it directly. I was shocked by our high quality standard. I didn’t want to throw an airless pump tube away for only a minor flaws, because every single tube should be treated well. However I had to do it.
With all the effort we did, and God blessed us, finally client received goods on time.


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