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An airless pump tube become complicated (1)……

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Recently we met a problem in the production of an airless pump tube order. This problem made all of us very nervous. Cause this was a big and urgent order. The quantity was quite big. If we could not solve this problem, our client would loose a fortune. 

This order was an airless pump tube with big area hot stamping. We thought this was very simple for us cause we had produced the similar cosmetic tubes many many times. 

However, it became a nut which we had never thought of.

 dia_19mm airless pump tube packaging with multi-colors hot stamping-m

Dia.19mm airless pump tube

Normally, pumps will be assembled to tubes by machine. However, this time we had made some special treatments to make pumps super glossy black, therefore, the machine will scratch the pumps easily. To solve this problem, we changed to assemble pumps by hands. Many of our employees got blisters after overtime work. And you know, machines could work with more effectiveness. It was really hard for us to finish the big quantity in a very short time. We stopped almost all other orders to focus on this project.


Luckily, the fast shipping bought us some time. But the road to happiness is full of hardships.


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