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An innovative new sustainability project about cosmetics packaging in beauty industry

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With the developments and changes of the era, now there's a lot of cosmetics agencies which will not only care about how to make good sale of products and how to seize people eyeball with the fashion cosmetics packaging.  Following the era features, they pursue cosmetics packaging which is more conducive to the sustainable development - convert consumer waste into new organic products packaging.
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At present, there are a lot of cosmetics agencies have their own goal and responsibility. They believed that the global pollution should not become  heavier  because they developed the profit. There must be some methods to increase their sales, and meanwhile, protect the earth. After all, cosmetic packaging takes up a third of the landfill, and takes 1000 years to decompose. Therefore, environmental protection packaging has become a new trend. 
Putting a sustainable urban waste into companies goals, for example, using cosmetic packaging, thus contributing to renewable cycle economic transformation.
It is hoped that organizations with the same green packaging concept can join forces to move towards sustainable development. Appropriate legislation could protect ingredients and improve strict green cosmetics packaging standards, then ensure that consumers get the expected good quality of cosmetics.

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