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Our first company video to introduce Auber

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After a month of tough preparation during work, finally we have made a mini movie to introduce our company. Thanks for the handsome director's hard working, now the videos are finished and published. 

Welcome to check it and comment. Let's watch how my colleagues acted in there. 
Here are something I'd like to share:
Sabrina after makeup, so different from the one just sit next to me now, doesn't she looks like foreigner? 
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Just for 10 seconds, acted for more than 15-30 times! Now we know the actors and actresses are not easy with their work.
Auber packaging video shot cosmetic tubes
Lol... that afternoon, they repeated times and times. Even the audiences like me were boring and tired, they have to keep all the energy and repeat the words timely. Should be unforgettable in their life, so to me.
Want to know more about the show? Just watch our video (movie) with the link, here again:
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