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Bamboo container

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Auber bamboo packaging

Many people asked me about bamboo container. Now I want to share all the questions and my answers with you guys in case someone still want to know.

1.Is it made of real bamboo

Yes, it is real bamboo. Actually it is a combination of plastic container and a bamboo case.

2.Do you apply any coating to protect bamboo?

Yes, we have coating to protect. It is varnish. The bamboo container gets a little irritating odor after coating. So it takes some time to dry and fresh them.

Auber bamboo cap
3.Is this possible to know if bamboo comes from sustainable forests? Is there any specific certification about it as it exists for wood as PEFC or FSC?
Perhaps no. 

Bamboo grows much faster than any other tree. So bamboo cap is more common than wood cap.

bamboo forest.
Actually no manufacturer in China produces a full set of bamboo packaging. Most container vendor sends their container to the bamboo factory to suit them with bamboo case. We let the expert do the right thing. So do us. We provide our tube cap to the bamboo factory to assemble a bamboo case.

This bamboo case business only came out for only a few years. The funny thing is these bamboo factory used to produce bamboo container for food such as sushi. Now they stopped the sushi box business put their full power to cosmetic packaging. It is a much larger business.

Most bamboo factories locate in Fujian province. It’s a pity I do not know any of them. I wish I could tell you that.

The bamboo container reminds me a traditional Chinese craftsmanship citaizubian.

Dress china with bamboo clothes which made of very fine bamboo fiber. The whole process is pure handmade. This craftsmanship started in Qing dynasty. The nice decorated china is only for royal family at that time. Now the normal families have the privilege to use them. But only a few people still keep this super skill. And not many people know about it.

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