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Brush tubes—the unique packaging for make-up products

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Makeup Brush Tubes for Lipgloss

Makeup Brush Tubes for Lipgloss 

Auber’s cosmetic tube with brush head is very popular now for beauty care and make-up products. We purchase the brushes from the best quality supplier in China. This kind of tubes are very good packaging for concealer, nail polish oil, lipsloss, eye gel, eye essence, BB cream, etc.  

We produce tubes with tail open or sealed, with or without printing according to customers’ request. If you want to show the product, you can have the window like the black one. In fact, it is black printed on transparent tubes.

Last week, in order to give clearer ideas to customers for this product, we have done some demonstrations in our office.

Auber’s cosmetic tube with brush head

When I squeezed out the BB cream filled in the brush tube, the cream came out fluently. The skin feels very soft when the brush touches it.  

And after almost one week, when we screw the cap out, the cream and brush was still same as the time I screw them in. The reason is, when we screw the brush in the cap, the structure itself keeps the cream separated from the air. So pls be rest assured that the furs won’t be frozen before used up .

We’ve also taken a video of the procedure and product introduction, pls check with this link in Youtube for more details:
Auber’s cosmetic tube with brush head are not made of animal furs, Auber is taking care of the environment and our products of PE tubes are all Eco-friendly. 

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