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Do you know the China Cosmetic market?

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I saw this photo from Weibo again and again, and I just have to share with you.

Auber skincare-kid

This is a very hot photo in the Chinese social networks like Weibo, showing a big difference on the Chinese cosmetic market. Chinese is paying more attention on personal care with a younger age, regardless of sex!
I’d like to share with you on the facts of this market. Let’s take a look on the overall statistics.
-Retail sales of cosmetic products by wholesale and retail enterprises (Source from National Bureau of Statistics of China)
Auber cosmetic market statistic.
There is clear segment on the market. Domestic brands are mostly focus on mid-to-low end segment while foreign enterprise dominate high end segment. Top players: P&G (USA), L’Oreal (France) and Shiseido (Japan) had taken up 25.3% of the overall value sales on the Chinese beauty and personal care market in 2014. 
Consumers here prefer international brands as they believe those products are more reliable. So if you are looking at entering your products to the China market, pls take a look on below.
1.With the improving economy, the market is trending to high end according to Euromonitor figures.
2.According to the 2016 HKTDC Research survey report, young generations were more influenced by factors like “word-of-mouth” and “price”. Mature consumers were more attracted by “natural/organic/herbal ingredients” and “high-tech/biotech products”.
3.For many traditional men in China, they used to think that applying skincare/make up product make them not “masculine”, while now things are different. 
For this market, oil-control and cleansing are two major concerns. Thus, facial cleansers take main share of the male market, demand for products like masks, sun-blocks and whitening, moisturizing products are also increasing.
4.Sales channel: Online distribution/retailing could be a very potential way. There is significant growth on online shopping. Also, there are some domestic brands gain their recognition from advertising on social platforms like Weibo.
Above information are collected from reliable sources and wrote with my comments. If you have more comments to share, welcome to talk about!
This is Ashley with Auber. We do tube packaging only, and we do it well.
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