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Think as your consumers--Choose the Cosmetic Packaging with better barrier effect (2)

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Previously : I want to find out the reason why cosmetic packed with Skincare plastic tubes( In short, I would call it Tube below) last longer than the one in Jar( Jar in short).

First, I checked over their production time and expiry time.  Jar was made in 2015.12, would expiry on 2018.12. And I opened it on 2016.01. Tube was made in 2015.10, would expiry on 2018.10. Opened on 2015.11. Generally, Tube would expiry earlier than Jar in normal condition. 

Second, did the surroundings lead to the difference? 
Obviously no, I put them into the same cabinet after opening them.    

Third, may the packaging be the reason? From below pic, we can see the Jar is with a wide mouth. So the cream it contains could be exposed to the air easier.  


Cosmetic Tubes Factory



And as we know that air is the killer of cosmetics though it is the basic for human living. And the most important usage of Cosmetic Packaging is to protect the cosmetic from oxidation. Also check with below pic, cream could be only squeezed out from the small hole of Cosmetic tube, so it is clean and no more air could pollute the rest cream after the cap is closed again.  


Personal care Tube Packaging

Now that I know the reason, I may prefer to buy cosmetics packed by Skincare plastic tubes more than Jars next time. And I would share my experience with my colleagues, friends and the clients. It suggested to think as a consumer if you were happen to be a cosmetic manufacturer, if you do so, I believe you will choose the packaging with better barrier effect.


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