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Cosmetic Tube Heading, do you really know it?

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When you hear cosmetic tube heading, I think you will say:"Aha! Easy, put the material into the filler then heading by the machine.

"Yeap! You're correct, while I want to show you the other hand of tube packaging heading- the preparation works of tube heading.

As we know each tube have its own special tube size and color, we need to change tube heading mold from one design to the other. Tube heading mold change is not just simply to change the mold, it will through a little complex processes based on below steps

Step 1: Cleaning the previous working mold

Step 2: Remove the previous working mold, never look down upon this tiny mold, It's too heavy to move on by hand, it will be moved by forklift

Step 3: Fill coming orders raw material to cleaning the heading filler and machine tuner’s previous raw material, until the color showing exact correct as present order’s requirements.

Step 4: Cleaning the work desk

Step 5: Cleaning the machine

Step 6: Move the new tube heading mold to the heading machine

Step 6: Cleaning the tube heading stick by banana oil

Cosmetic tubes for Hand Cream

Cosmetic Tube Heading

Step 7: Cleaning the tube heading stick by buffing paper, to make sure the stick is smooth enough and avoid tube have scratch line when heading

Cosmetic tube heading

Plastic Squeeze Tube Heading

Step 8: Adjust mould position in the machine, it will use a copper bar to adjust the position little every time.

Step 9: Adjust the each stick’s height based on tube length

Step 10: Adjust the machine’s parameter

Step 11: Starting heading test without tube, repeat heading and adjust parameter until the machine can heading a perfect tube head

Step 12: Starting heading test with tube, heading with tube then inspection the tube packaging have prefect juncture

Step 13: Start tube packaging heading

This is just the most simple process for same size tube heading mold change processes, if mold change between different sizes, it will be even more procedures and complicated.


Usually I was always passed by the cosmetic tube packing production line and check the result of order situation directly. I never just stay and look at them work from first to last step patiently like today. I was really moved, as the whole processes, it almost took 2 hours, I feel I had a backache, while they are worked with every step carefully, patient and without any complain. At this moment, I feel I am so lucky to work with them, and I am so confident, they will always produce more perfect products than clients wish.