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Cosmetic Tube with Patent Concave Cap

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Good news is always worth for sharing, isn’t it? It is exciting that Auber has developed a PATENTED new product, the Cosmetic Tube with Patent Concave Cap. This kind of tube could be made as any kind of round shape tube, for examples, mono-layer, 5-layer, ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube), PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminated Tube) tube, etc. And the most special place of it is the unique Concave Cap

Round Skincare Tubes with Concave Screw on Caps

Cosmetic Tubes with Patent Concave Caps

This Concave Cap is suitable for cosmetic tube whose diameter ranging from 16mm to 60mm. So it could be used for eye essence, hand cream, facial mask, body scrub, body lotion, hair care products, and so on. And it could be made with wood pattern, which makes it look natural and environment friendly. Moreover, it could be complete glossy, complete matte, and even cross over with both of them.

Auber Patented concave cap for Laminated Skincare Tube

One truth never change, the Cosmetic Tube Packaging would be the best and silent salesman for your skincare/beauty products. A Cosmetic Tube with a special Patent Concave Cap could attract people’s attention highly. So come to take a trial, it can brighten your products and brand truly. 

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