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Dropper tube for cosmetic

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Still afraid your glass bottle is too fragile? Still think your glass bottle is too heavy?

It's time to change. We have worked out this perfect dropper tube for cosmetic working like a dropper.It's a dropper and bottle 2 in 1 tube. 

 Auber dropper tube for cosmetic

Auber dropper tube for cosmetic

Unlike the glass bottles, the dropper tube is lighter, stronger , cheaper and more flexible.

You can easily carry this unique package in your bag. More convenient to use. These outstanding properties must helps your products become popular.

Auber skincare plastic tubes manufaturer 

The tube head is made of a popular material PETG while the tube is made of PE.

PETG is an amorphous co-polyester in brief it is a transparent plastic.


PETG extrusion sheet is generally 15 to 20 times stronger than the common acrylic, 5 to 10 times stronger than the impact modified acrylic. PETG sheet in the processing, transportation and use of the process has sufficient capacity to help prevent rupture.

 Auber Cosmetics tubes packaging

Weather resistance

PETG provides excellent weatherability. It can maintain the product's toughness, to prevent yellowing. It contains UV absorbers, can be co-extruded into a protective layer to protect the plate from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Processing is simple

Auber Clear Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Excellent chemical resistance

PETG can withstand a variety of chemicals and commonly used cleaning agents.

Environmental protection

PETG materials are environmentally friendly materials, in line with food contact management requirements.

Don't afraid you can not see your product through this dropper tube. Because we can make it transparent!!!

The orifice diameter of dropper tube for cosmetic  is 1.7mm. It suits emulsion perfectly.


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