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How to inspect artwork of cosmetic tube before printing?

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As we all know, cosmetics category are various, also packaging form is different. Most of them include delicate printing graphics and illustrations, like foil, label, carton, cosmetic tube, bottle, jar etc. No matter what kind of packaging, generally the artworks should be inspected carefully in below aspects before running sampling or mass production. Let's take tube packaging as an example.


1.Artworks should be outlined/vector file with AI, EPS or PDF format.                      

If artworks are not outlined, and there are no relevant fonts in designers' computer, the texts font will become to others font automatically. This changes customer's original version.


2.Proper size & Make sure texts and pattern are in printing area.             

Otherwise, it will happen many technical problems or many defects in the process of production. For example, if the no printing distance on cosmetic tubes shoulder is required to be 3 mm, and the artwork is less than it, it may lead to the shoulder printing ink scratch or texts/ pattern incomplete after making head.


3. The printing color no exceed the maximum printing quantity of the machine.           

If the machine can print 6 colors at most, but the printing colors in the artwork of lotion plastic tubes are more than six, exceeding the machine’s capability. Artwork has to be changed. To our excited, our machine can print 8 colors!


4. Eye mark size is correct, and its color can be scanned easily.                      

Different filling requirements for cosmetic tubes have different requirements for the eye mark size. Usually its color is black, blue or darker one. Meanwhile, it is better not place the front side printing content in the same level or higher than eye mark.

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