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How to inspect tube artwork before printing?

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Following with the last article, here let’s continue discusing the aspects effecting artworks.


5. Bar code size and position requirements.                                          

Usually it must have correct bar code on the skin care packaging of finished products. And barcode should be easily scanned. Of course, some tube packaging has no bar code because of the limit of place. But customer will add bar code on carton/paper box in this case.


6. Size of font weight.                                                                    

It needs to meet minimum printing requirements according to the different way of printing. Otherwise the texts are not clear, fuzzy, which influence consumers to read and are not acceptable. So, once find this situation when inspection, it has to be put forward to adjust.


7. PMS color NO. s should be marked out.                                          

Generally, we will make printing colors as per pantone color card if no special request. But sometimes, customers also offer real samples as color reference.


8. Besides, for some printing effects, if they are difficult to achieve, we will make skin care plastic tubes with different solutions for customer to choose. 


In a short, it is very important and necessary to carefully inspect artworks before printing for tube packaging manufacture and customer, which can avoid many negligence and unnecessary loss. 

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