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What is the eco future in cosmetic packaging industry?

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To hold a new project too long may miss the best timing. One client ordered a very special cap for their new cosmetic packaging. We were waiting for their final artwork. But unfortunately, the cap factory had to close for a few days to make adjustments because they failed to pass the Environmental Inspections. 

This makes me start to think about the eco future in the packaging industry. Yes, there are still many beauty brands hunting for luxurious packaging. For example, in order to make high end beauty packaging, clients prefer hot stamping, acrylic, sand blasting, electroplating, anodized aluminum, etc. 
But the big trend is to be eco-friendly for sure. More and more packaging manufacturers donate to develop nature material. Like sugar cane cosmetic tubes. The raw material of normal PE plastic tube packaging is made with petroleum, while the sugar cane tube is made with real sugar cane. 
Auber is also concerning the environmental. As a result, we are recommending the biodegradable caps for cosmetic tube packaging though they are not popular at this stage. Below is the link for this cap with details, pls click and check more.

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