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PE skincare plastic tube VS PP tube

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Recently we got some new customers which want to change their in mold label PP tubes to PE skincare plastic tube.
Kindly they share with us some reasons why they want to change to PE tubes. 

1.The PP tube is much thicker than PE tubes. It makes people feel much harder. It’s not easy to squeeze cream/lotion out especially for the airless pump tubes. To be honest, I haven’t see any airless pump tubes is made of PP.
2.The products for women should be soft to make them feel good.
3.Thick tube is no good for tail sealing. Some times it will have leaking problem.
4.You will see there is a gap on the tube because the artwork is printed on label (The printing of PP tube is to put a label into the mold than fill the platic) . While there is no such problem for PE skincare plastic tube.
PE skincare plastic tube vs pp tube
5.The PP tube shoulder looks more like industry tubes. They don’t have such nice curve like PE tubes. 
One big problem of PP tube is its oriented flip top cap. You can find the mechanism of it on the picture. The tube on the left is PP tube. They use some plastic teeth to fix the cap. It can easily be broken after a few times close and open. But PE skincare plastic tube is extruded, then we apply the tube thread on it. So PE skincare plastic tube will not have the plastic teeth.
PE skincare plastic tube VS PP tube
If you are facing these problems from PP tubes,it is highly suggested choosing PE skincare plastic tube.


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