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Prices from an experienced cosmetic tubes vendor may not the lowest because of …

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We have a lot of long-term customers. They told us, your prices for cosmetic tubes were not the lowest, but we finally chose you. 

Auber cosmetic tubes with vivid image printed with silk screen printing

Also some customers, after receiving our quotations, they will say, your price is too high, other suppliers give us better offer...

Truly, most people will always look for lowest prices for one time business. But still many purchasers will look more highly to the long term partnership and the professional pre-consultation & after service. What Auber do is more than just

supply cosmetic tubes, but also sulotions.

1.Professional pre-consultation

From the beginning, if clients already design the pattern, Auber will give suggestions for printing in order to help client save cost and reach the best printing effect.

Sometimes, client will worry whether their cream/lotion/gel formula will react with the plastic tubes packaging. Auber could provide blank samples for compatibility testing or look for the suitable raw material after long time sourcing and testing. 

auber cosmetic tubes packaging

2.Details confirm with patience and carefulness
For example, client may change the artworks more than 10 times before printing. To be honest, for making proof, Auber’s designer needs to spend hours for it with carefulness. 
3.Best after service
Believing many long term corporate clients choose Auber not just because we help prevent problems from happening, but also we will take action quickly once our client find unpredictable problem. 
13+ YRS experience for cosmetic tubes makes Auber team prominent, we will help customers save the valuable time and provide solutions.



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