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Embarrassed! The foil seal of Skincare Plastic Tube is too tight!

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I bought a facial cream for my husband cause his skin become too dry in Autumn. But he did not use it. I asked him why. He said the foil seal of the Skincare Plastic Tube was too difficult to peal off. So he had to give up as he was hurry to work in the morning.  


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So I try to open it myself. OK, it is embarrassed. The foil is really tight. And it do not with a protruding piece(like below pic in left) for pealing off so I could not open it with my clumsy fingers. Finally I use a piece of toothpick to pry it out a bit by a bit from the cosmetic facial cream tube orifice.


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Normally, our clients choose foil seal is for two usages. One is to show consumers the cosmetics are unused. Another is the cream/gel inside the tube is thin and easy to leak out from the orifice without foil seal. 

As a plastic tubes packaging manufacturer, I will think the packaging of the facial cream as a failed product. Then as a consumer, I will think this cosmetic brand is not good because they are using the packaging with poor quality. 

Details will bring you opportunity or out stand your weak point. So as a Skincare Plastic Tubes Factory, we will also check every details, including foil seal. Because we want our client be thought as well qualified by their consumers.   


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