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Surface treating for plastic squeeze tube packaging

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“Can you please confirm that you do not use corona treatment on plastic squeeze tube packaging? filler can only crimp flame treated tubes.  ”

We got this message from one of our customer. We were confused. Because neither corona treatment nor flame treatment has nothing to do with tail sealing for cosmetic tubes.

These treatment is pre-printing treatment also called surface treating. 

Many plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, have chemically inert and nonporous surfaces with low surface tensions causing them to be non-receptive to bonding with printing inks, coatings, and adhesives. Although results are invisible to the naked eye, surface treating modifies surfaces to improve adhesion.

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Corona treatment is safe, economical, and delivers high line speed throughput. It is also suitable for the treatment of injection and blow molded parts, and is capable of treating multiple surfaces and difficult parts with a single pass.

While Flame treatment is the application of a gas flame to the surface of a material to improve adhesion. It can also burns off dust, fibers, oils, and other surface contaminates. It’s faster than corona treatment, but requires more complicated and expensive equipment.


We use corona treatment instead of flame treatment considering the cost and the work efficiency. We set our corona treatment device on the printing machines. In this case, we can print the tubes immediately after the corona treatment. There is no extra work needed.

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Back to the concern of our customer. After we explain this to her. She finally figured out what she want to say is unvarnished/uncoated part on the cosmetic tube tail. There should be a uncoated part on the tube tail in case the lacquer affect the sealing. Actually it depends on the sealing machine. Some machines doesn’t require it. But we will send plain tubes to our customer to do tests before placing the order for plastic squeeze tube packaging.


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