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The functions of cosmetic tube in plastics packaging

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By Sabrina

Cosmetic tube one of main packaging of cosmetics products. The function of cosmetic tube in plastics packaging(plastics packaging includes:

1, Ruling out some parts of air (oxygen) in the packaging container, so that can effectively prevent the food spoilage.

2, The strict requirements of using the barrier (airtight) packaging materials and sealing technology can effectively prevent the exchange of the substances in the package ,and avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, but also to prevent a secondary pollution.

3, The gas inside of cosmetic tube has been removed, this can speed up the heating conduction, which can improve the efficiency of heat sterilization, but also to avoid the rupture of packaging containers due to the gas expansion when heat sterilization.

Cosmetis tubes are also widely used in the food industry. Various of foods need to retain freshness use tube packaging, cooked products such as chicken, ham or sausage or some pickled products such as pickles, soy products or dried fruit, etc. The shelf life of food can be greatly extended because of the plastic tube packaging.

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