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Different Cosmetic Tube Tail Shapes

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Auber Plastic Tube Packaging

Have you ever get this feeling?

When you are engaged in a certain industry, you'll unconsciously pay attention to some information involved to this industry?

After working on cosmetic packaging, each time I walk into the mall, always can't help heading to the cosmetic area to see some new packaging, like printing effect, style, color etc. The sealing tail shape is the one I specially keep an eye out for it.

Why? As over 14 yrs cosmetic tube manufacturer, Auber Packaging really experience too much, deep impressed on sealing tail shape.

Although many of exported cosmetic tubes are tail open, but for domestic market, tubes are required tail sealed with different shapes.

For examples as below:

1.Vertical stripes / ribbed tail shape -- Most of tubes are sealed with this shape. Even tube tail can seal with your logo, batch number or expiring date etc.

Auber cosmetic tube

2.Vertical stripes with rounded corners tail-- I like most this one. Because the rounded corners does not scratch the hand when you use it and nicer shape.

Auber cosmetic tube

3.Arc Shape tail

Auber cosmetic tube

4.Vertical stripes tail with a hole -- Tubes can be hang up in the shelves though this hole or key chain and put into your bag.

Auber cosmetic tubeAuber lip gloss tube

5.Various animal shapes tail: They look very cute and lovely. It's popular among children, students and young people.

Auber cosmetic tube

Don't underestimate a simple cosmetic tube tail, it's not only concerned with the beauty sense of the product's packaging, but also ensures that the product will not leak to affect the latter use. To better support customers, we bought a set auto sealing tail machine the end of last year, tube tail can be sealed more nicer and efficiency get improved a lot.

Of course, when you want to know more info about sealing tail, or suffer some questions during sealing tail progress, pls contact us. we are open to discuss about it with you, and hope create more beauty together to the world!

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