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UV coating in cosmetic packaging industry

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UV varnish is a common surface finishing process in cosmetic packaging and printing industry. If the UV varnish adhesion is insufficient, the surface of printed packaging will fade, not wear. Even the varnish will get off. 

To avoid the occurrence of such problems, should conduct a comprehensive analysis, including material procurement, process arrangements, standardized operation and other links. Below are reasons for the lack of adhesion of UV varnish and the solutions for reference.
(1) Storage time is too long. Normally, the valid time of UV Varnish or base oil shelf life is six months to a year. Some manufacturers purchase a huge lot of UV varnish by one time. Then some of them may expiry when being used.
(2) UV varnish and base oil do not match. They should be produced by the same factory in case the mix easily performance, affecting the quality of printed packaging.
(3) Ink drying time is short or dry performance is not good. The suggested drying time is at least 24 hours or more
(4) UV light is not enough strong enough. To make UV cure, the parameter value of light through the UV lamp irradiation should be more than 50.
(5) Non-standard operation. If the machine run not well or the operator is lack of experience, the whole printed cosmetic packaging will damaged.
Because of the non-stability of UV oil, it is less used from 10years before. Now people are using the better varnish oil in cosmetic packaging industry.

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