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What is Plastic Laminated Tube?

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 Plastic Laminated Tube for Skincare Product

Plastic Laminated Tube

When someone mentioned ’ Plastic Laminated Tube’ or ‘Plastic Barrier Laminated Tube’(PBL),will you have any idea of what is it ?You were not out of date to say ‘no’ with honesty, because it is completely new.

Thought as the ‘secret sales’, packaging plays a very important role in cosmetic and beauty industry. Moreover, people is always hunting for packaging with better design and better printing with high definition, which is why labeling tube become popular these years. But the cost of labeling tube is higher than the normal tube. So people come to consider one question, is it possible to provide the tube packaging with better outlook and also lower cost?

It seems that Auber is far-sighted .We concentrated in studying Plastic Laminated Tube before it was known widely.

Gorgeous Plastic Laminated Tube for Cosmetic Product

Plastic Laminated Tube is the tube packaging with good resilience and texture soft, and it will not change the extrusion characteristics. It could be produced in diameter from 19mm to 50mm while the length is available to be customized. The structure of it could be 5 layers & 5 Layers with EVOH layer. Moreover, its main materials are PE and PP, which are same the traditional tube.

The most obvious distinction of Plastic Laminated Tube is that it’s printed on the white tubes, until the tail end and the shoulder, replacing color tubes and labeling tubes and therefore saving the cost.

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