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Advice for artwork design based on offset printing for Plastic Squeeze Tube Packaging

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1. Extruded tube printing transfers ink to Plastic Squeeze Tube by wet pressure wet method, it can only overprint but can not fall on style printing, so when designing the artwork, try to use Pantone color as possible to avoid the use of stacked color printing process .


2. Try to avoid the use of large color lump or a variety of colors, should be more fine lines or a small area of color. Because in the printing of large areas of color, the requirements on the amount of ink, printing pressure control are very harsh, even a slight deviation, it will make the printing blurred, whitening, bright colors are not bright enough. 

 plastic squeeze tube

Plastic squeeze tube

You can see the white spot in the red circle.


3. When the two parts of the text or design needs to overprint, it should leave a 0.02-0.04mm gap, to prevent string ink, because in the process of Plastic Squeeze Tube printing, the different colors of ink in turn transfer to the rubber blanket then transferred from the rubber blanket to the tube at once. If the different colors overlap, the ink will string together during transfer. 


4. Avoid the small lines and large blocks of color in the same design. In order to obtain good printing effect on the large color lump, you must increase the amount of ink and printing pressure. It will damage the printing effect of the fine line. One contrary, in order to achieve good fine line printing effect, it is necessary to use a smaller ink supply amount and a printing pressure. This will damage the large color lump printing effect.


Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

I was trying to find a bad example to show you. Turns out all of our customers have a good design. (All the tubes we showed on our website and other platforms are allowed to show on it by our customers)


This example here is not a fine line with big color lump design. In fact the white on the words come from the base color(tube sleeve color). The tube is white. We use this kind of tech to avoid ink string together. But even in this way the words shouldn’t be so small since we need more ink and pressure for big color lump printing. You can see the small words on this tube is not that clear.


5. High-precision printing requires the use of photosensitive resin printing plate.

printed skin care tubes 

printed skin care tubes


6. The line or bar code should be consistent with the direction of the printing direction.


7. Leave blank at the end of the tube.The tail sealing will damage the printing while it won’t damage the color of color Plastic Squeeze Tube. 

skin care plastic tube       plastic laminated tube 

skin care plastic tube              plastic laminated tube


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