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Tips to consumers for handling beauty packaging

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Auber PBL tubes It is said that a third of landfill trash is packaging from beauty items. Therefore sustainability shouldn’t just be limited to the ingredients inside the cosmetics. The beauty products packaging should also be considered. But to sustainability, consumers would also take part in the action.

Here are some tips to help you cut down on your beauty waste contribution.

#1.Don't hoarding

Buy what you really need, do not blindly pursue makeups with similar functions in the same time. It could reduce the waste of neither makeups nor beauty packaging.

#2.use more eco-friendly packaging products

Choose square-shaped or boxy ones because they have more benefits.They are stackable. So compared to round counterparts, they need less shipping materials and space. Avoiding products in sachets or budget packs is also a good idea.

#3.Learn to Segregate

Just like garbage sorting, separate the cosmetic packaging from the different material. For example, glass and plastic, if just crumpled them all up in the trash, it would be a headache.


Many beauty products packaging can be reused, for example, glass cream jars can make for good candle holders. The outside paper box could pack things when expressing.