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Vacuum metalized octagonal cap for cosmetic tube packaging

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Summary: People often say the clothes make the man. Equally, a good cosmetic tube packaging will make products look very attractive, even hot sales. But most of tube looks similar, now people tends to make special look on caps. Vacuum metalized effect on cap for skincare tube is a good example. 

Recently we made some vacuum metalized octagonal caps for hand cream tube packaging to one of my customers. They chose silver and gold metalized cap to match silver/glod foil on tube surface. It really looks very nice. See below pics (to protect customer’s info, I just show clear part of head and cap):
vacuum metalized finish octangnal cap on abl tube
Of course, if you like, we can also do other vacuum metalized colors, like rose, blue etc. However, as the vacuum metalized progress is much more complicated than normal cap, so it requires MOQ 20,000pcs per design for diameter less than 30mm and 10,000pcs per design for diameter 30mm or larger as a special support.
Hope it will bring new vision and more attractive for your cosmetic tube packaging

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