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How to control the matte varnish of cosmetics tubes?

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As a QC working in a cosmetics tubes manufacturer, today I would like to share something about the varnish of cosmetic tubes. 

UV varnish is a common transparent painting ingredient in printing industry. It has the ability of resisting scratch. After being sprayed on the product’s surface, under a certain temperature and the irradiation of UV light ,it will change from liquid to solid ,which can harden its surface. 

According to the different effects, it can be divided into two kinds: matte varnish and glossy varnish. Glossy varnish is relatively simple. We just need to mix up the curing agent and thinner by a ratio 10:1:1, but for matte varnish, we have to try again and again to match with client’s requirement.

polyfoil laminated tubes vendor

Cosmetics tubes matte varnish effect comparing

For normal matte varnish effect, we just need to mix up the curing agent and thinner by a ratio 10:1:2. However, last week, one client asked for an extremely frost effect, so we had to adjust the ratio.

It is hard to be 100% match with client’s need, but we would try the best to make it match at least 90%. We added a certain frost powder into the ratio. The effect became very close to the requirement. However, there is something beyond control. An obvious scar appears on the tube surface, which seems not nice. As a result, we added more thinner to try again and meanwhile, we paid more attention to control the pressure of printing roller to ensure the thickness of varnish. Tried and failed, failed and tried......After constantly adjustments, we eventually reach the effect of the client’s need. And 3 hours passed.

matte plastic tubes packaging

Matte plastic tubes packaging 

Working in cosmetics tubes industry is challenging, to be professional, we must be patient and concentrate. Sometimes we feel sad when failed, but we believe we will harvest a lot from the experience.   


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