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The direction of the development of cosmetics market (1)

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 Auber Oval BB Cream Tubes Supplier in Dia_35mm with Metallic Cap

Oval BB Cream Tubes Supplier in Dia.35mm with Metallic Cap

With the development of society and the increasing diversity of life, cosmetic tubes are becoming more and more competitive in cosmetic packaging market. 


Today's market highlights: Multi-layer tube (5 layers tube)

Multi-layer tubes are usually used under the following conditions:

1. The content filled inside has long shelf life i.e. 2 years and above;

2. The content inside is very active, i.e. Volatile content. 

3. PH value is partial to strong acid or strong alkali.


This kind of plastic laminated tubes are usually used for the products for sun block , sun screen, acne cream, freckle cream, BB cream, cleanser, mask, whiten cleanser, cleansing Foam, eye cream, eye gel, essence, foundation, aloe gel, etc.  It also can be used as pharmaceutical packaging (topical ointment) and food packaging ( like wasabi).


Because of the large number of cosmetic tubes manufacturers, there is a fierce competition in the global tube packaging market. Consumption of cosmetics worldwide is on the rise.