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How will you do when customer seems lost if you were cosmetic tubes sales

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A good cosmetic tubes sale will try the best to help clients solve all kinds of problems. Take myself for example, in the early of July, I lost connection with one of my customers from United Kingdom for several days. Before this, we were discussing about a big order and went into sample production. Under the circumstances, I sent many e-mails to her and called their telephone number many times immediately. However, nobody answered. Things looked so strange. 

D35mm Plastic Tube Packaging with Special Sealed Tail and Different Caps

D35mm Plastic Tube Packaging with Special Sealed Tail and Different Caps

By coincidence,it was Brexit during that time. So, I have to think of Brexit's influence on my customer. Then I found no any updating on their social platform for one week, like public Facebook, twitter etc. Meanwhile, I searched them in Google map and found it shows "PERMANENTLY CLOSED".

Lipgloss tube

OMG, how is this possible? How can I continue our order of Round cosmetic tubes? I can't believe that such a famous and credible company was closed in one week without any tracking. What should I do?

At this moment, for get more information about our round skincare tube order, one of my colleagues advised to leave massage on their social platform. Frankly speaking, I never do like this and tried to check and found the updating on their facebook again. It's really a good clue and like a glimmer of hope. So, I left many messages quickly, nobody answered but read. The same situation kept going for two days. I really got upset, and talked often those days with colleagues about this strange issue and tried to get a solution. But a voice in my deep heart told me, keep going and everything will be fine. 

Metal CosmeticTube

Metal Cosmetic Tube

An early morning several days later, I opened face book in my cell phone as usual, suddenly, a message jumped out and caught my eyes. It's from this missing Grace from UK. It's amazing and I was going to jump. What happened during the past two weeks on earth? 

Nozzle tube

It turned out that the customer was on a business trip for a week and e-mailed us, they also said that they were satisfied with our design of round skincare tube. If we can reach the same standard as sample, they were likely to place a plastic cosmetic tubes order with us. But I did not receive such email. 

I checked with IT dept right away and found the reason is some e-mails from them were rejected as junk mail and no any notice. I set up junk mail notice immediately to avoid same case next time. Meanwhile, I also asked customer's private email and mobile phone number. It was a false alarm!

It was the first time I have experienced such strange and unexpected communication missing with customer. Though it brought upset to me, it made my past weeks unforgettable and richer.

Successfully, I completed this round skincare tube order at last and we also built a great cooperation relationship. How will you do, when you lost contact with your customers?


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