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Disaster? when Eye-mark meets large printing area on skincare plastic tubes(1)

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One of My French customer placed the 5 items new skincare plastic tubes order to us. But when we got the artworks, we found a problem that the Eye-mark and large printing area position were in the same Level.

Skincare Plastic Tubes with Big Area Printing

Skincare Plastic Tubes with Big Area Printing

From our experience, it would have problems for sealing if cosmetic tubes designed like this. Because the sealing machine sensor may recognize the large printing area as ‘eyemark’, then seal the tube packaging wrongly, maybe turns to right or left of the tube position .

We talked such kind of issues to the customer and required them to revise the artworks. However, the customer said that we would be no problem of it. Therefore we made the samples for their approval and reminded them again to do the sealing testing. Our customer still said that their laboratory approved the tubes and ask us to go ahead with the production. Our Engineer thought for few days and told me probably the overseas sealing machines are better than us, as 100% cases with such similar designs would have sealing problems in China.  

Skincare plastic tubes with sealing problems

With considerations, we kept talking with the customer about it. But they insisted they will be no problem. So we had to require them to send the email to us and Guarantee would not ask us for the expenses if the tubes had any sealing problem.

The Customer did send the email to guarantee the skincare plastic tubes will not have problems and no extra expense . 

However, things did not end simply. After a few months......

(To be continued)


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