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Do you really like metallic flip top cap?

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As we all know, shapes of most of cosmetic tubes packaging are neither round nor oval, look like very similar if their printing are not attractive enough. However, to make the plastic squeeze tube packaging looks different and more attractive; people will improve technique in caps. Metallic flip top cap has been asked by many of our clients. But does the metallic flip top cap really help finished products look very high grade? The answer might be NO.

I have experienced such situation as below:

Recently, some new customers would like to purchase tubes with metallic flip top cap. They like the shiny effect to get products look high grade. In fact, we can totally offer this kind of caps. However, there is a defect -- metal powder on the joint of flip top cap is easily falling off when open it for many times because of current limited metallic technique. (See the pic )

Metallic flip top cap 

It will affect its beauty sense in some aspect if someone minds. Even though we want to finalize the cosmetic tubes packaging order very soon, we have to be responsible for customer and tell them this truth, meanwhile advice them metallic screw on cap instead of fliptop cap. Finally, our cooperation makes further progress.



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