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Bamboo grain cap for skincare plastic tube packaging

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Recently one of my customers is asking me about bamboo cap for skincare plastic tube packagingIt is said it’s a new product and very popular. Though we don’t have it, I am also interested in it and did some research finally. 

It is a double layer cap. The outside is a bamboo case and the inside is a plastic cap with thread. The whole cap cannot be made of one piece of bamboo, because bamboo cannot match with the plastic tube thread perfectly. And it may crack after a few times of use.

LDEPE HDPE tube packaging for cleanser

But even with a plastic cap inside the bamboo case, it’s still not a very good design, because the bamboo case is not steady especially when it meets water. It can easily get mold and separate with the plastic part. Our purchaser asked many cap suppliers about this cap, but none of them can provide. I was told that Zhejiang province may have some manufacturers for this bamboo caps.

We suggested our customer choose printed bamboo grain cap for skincare plastic tube packaging. It is a plastic cap printed with bamboo grain. We used water transfer printing for it.

You can find a little video of water transfer printing.

With this technology we can print any picture on caps for skincare plastic tube packaging including bamboo grain and wood grain. It is cheaper and safer than bamboo caps. And the printing is very vivid.

 Bamboo grain cap for skincare plastic tube packaging


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