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What’s your suggestion to name this kind of cosmetic tubes

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The shiniest and most expensive material now we are using in cosmetic tubes is the one as below picture. 

High Glossy Laminated Tube

Which material consists of 5 layers as PE – Adhensive – VMPET – Adhensive - PE. It's really super shiny so that the printing by CMYK can replace the hot stamping without any doubt. And it's also feels harder. We recommend them for some high end products with matched caps to catch consumer's eyes easily.

Since this material is quite new comparing to other mature ones, like PE, Aluminum laminated, etc, we are still not quite sure about the English name for it. The HGL (High Glossy Laminated Tube) we are currently using is still not the best one to reflect the product from the name. Thus we’d like to ask you to do us a favour. Could you pls comment the best one you’d prefer? If you can suggest a new one, that’ll be great!

What’s your suggestion to name this kind of cosmetic tubes

List them again here as below:

1. High Glossy Laminated Tube 

2. High Glossy Aluminum Tube 

3. High Gloss Metallic Tube 

4. Shiny Aluminum Laminated Tube 

5. High Shiny Aluminum Tube 

6. High Gloss Laminated Tube 

7. Aluminum Coating Laminated Tube 

8. High Shiny Coating Laminated Tube 

9. Metal Luster Laminated Tube 

10. Your suggestion???? 


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