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Never judge a customer by where he/she is from

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 plastic cosmetic tubes

I have knew P for almost one year. At that time I was selling paper packaging tubes instead of plastic cosmetic tubes. Our major markets are North America and Europe while P is from Thailand. I thought Thailand is a poor place. Their market do not need handmade paper tubes which is very expensive for them. My boss thought so and ask me do not pay much attention to this.

But I still want to give it a try. Because there is no much time gap between us and we have chat via Whatsapp a lot. During the conversation, I found P is a very modest man. He asked me to educate him everything I know about paper tubes. I was still a fresh man to paper tubes. Once he asked me something I didn’t know, I went to our technician guy. After long time of this kind of conversation both of us learnt a lot about this industry. P is a package trader. He got many projects for me to quote every time. Only a few of them had replies. But we didn’t give up. After more than 6 months. He offered me his first order.

I left that paper tube company at the end of last year. P felt very upset about this. He told me that he could not find someone who can cooperate with him well in paper tube business as I did. Finally I helped my former colleague to know how to cooperate with P.

Now I am working in a
cometic tube factory. It is a coincident that P want to start his cosmetic tube business since so many paper tube customer ask for cosmetic tubes. So now I am teaching P to do start his cosmetic tube business. I sent him many samples to put in his show room. Last month he and his colleague including his father visit our factory. We finally see each other in person. His father told me that I was famous in his home. Because P has talked about me very quiet often. Actually my girlfriend jealous P sometimes. Because I spent much time chat with P via Whatsapp.

Hope we can continue this long term partnership on
cosmetic tubes. And I want to visit him and his family in Thailand soon.
So Never judge a customer by where he/she is from. Educate and learn from your customer patiently.

Many people afraid to share with others. They afraid their customers learn so much about their secrets and use these against them such us getting a better price.
Or they afraid their competitors pretend to be customers and try to steal their information. So they asked their customers so many questions to make sure he/she is the real customer before answer the customers’ questions. This is really stupid.



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