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Differences in small details can make a big difference

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plastic talbeware

I bought two instant noodles. They are from two brands KSF and TY. Actually I didn’t think they have much difference on the taste,because both of them are very spicy. They have many ingredients. So it’s hard to tell the difference. Also their packages are the same paper bucket. 

But I found one difference. It’s the fork. 
Actually there are so many differences when it comes to fork. 
1.Length KSF fork is longer. But the bucket is too small to hold a long fork so they use a foldable fork. I was impressed by the folding mechanism. Once you lock it, you cannot fold it anymore unless you break it. It makes sure you can pick up the noodles without breaking.
Disposable tableware
2.The KSF fork is brighter while the TY fork is more yellow. The brighter color makes people think this fork is cleaner. At least, I think so.
3.The KSF for has Anti-skid bulge on the end holding part of the fork. It can be slippery when it gets oil on it.
plastic fork
4.There is a recyclable sign on KSF fork. And the number 4 shows the type of the plastic. Tube man like to share with you the knowledge of recycle plastic signs.
Disposable plastic fork
Application: soda bottle
Application: cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, edible oil, pesticides and other containers. Most containers are opaque, feel like wax;
Application: water pipe, Raincoats, school bags, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes, and so on
Application: plastic bag
Application: bucket, trash can, baskets and food containers for microwave
Application: building materials, toys, stationery, wheel, as well as fast food drinks cup & boxes and disposable tableware due to low water absorption
See Tubeman cares not only about cosmetic tubes, but also he like to study about all the relative things to plastic and nice designs. Funny thing, I took the picture of these two forks but it’s not very clear. In order to, write this article I have to buy two buckets of these noodles again. LOL 

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