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What we kept doing since 2004

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Since 2004, Auber is an ISO9001 Certified manufacturer of customized PE & laminated cosmetic tubes packaging solutions. 

Auber packaging cosmetic tube manufacturer history

We follow strict standards from raw material until goods delivery.  

Although we are recommended by more and more global customers with stable quality, short lead time & fast feedback, we will still be the silent partner of you.

Auber packaging cosmetic tube factory history

From this link http://www.cosmetic-tube.com/Helps/AuberHistory.html, you can have more details about our history.

Parents may felt 13 years passed too soon when children grown up. But it is really not for a company. Every success need sweat, patience, profession and so on. To Auber person, each hard working moment worth recording. 

Time is passing, things are changing, Auber keeps growing. We made a new plan from the beginning of this year, and prepared for it for long time. Finally, we processed it last week. Yes, we are looking forward to show you what our plan(very interesting!) is. 

But to keep a sense of mystery, we have to keep silent first. Below photos are some pieces of previous. Maybe you can guess. 


Auber Abl tubes for skincare products  Auber cosmetic packaging vendor

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