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Marketing strategy tips

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The aim of marketing is to make consumers be ‘in love’ with the products. 

Here I would like to share a marketing strategy I learnt from Xiaomi Phone (a famous Chinese mobile phone company).
The key is sense of participation. 
There is a saying. A pig can fly if it stands in a tornado. Sense of participation is the tornado. Before you start to develop a new product, you can start a investigation on line. You can ask your customers one question a time. Try to figure out what kind of product they want. 
Such as, what’s your most concern about this moisturizer? 
What package do you want for this new product, cosmetic tube or plastic bottle?
What aroma do you want?
Then you can give some bonus to those people whose advice was taken. 
Sending free new products to which participates in products R&D, or offering them a privilege to visit your workshop. To show them how you make this new product. Show them your nice and clean workshop, treat them well. They may twitter about it and post some images. 
It’s much better than you telling people your product is good. Trust me people prefer the product they participated. 
Before you launch the product, you should tell people the exact launch time accurate to second. Make this launch party a ceremony. Then you start to counting back the time. You don’t need to produce much product in the first batch. But you should tell people how much you got. For one thing you are not sure about the marketing. For another reason, you should make people huger about your product.
You can even send appointment ticket to customers. Only the one have it can have the right to get your product. These are all the works we did at the first stage; we still need to serve our customers well after they get our products. Hope these ideas can give you a little help. 

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