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How to make the printing on extruded tube packaging very vivid?

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With the coming of the year 2017, Auber has a big New Year's gift for you. What is it? --- Digital plate printing on extruded tube packaging!

To help our customers get much more attractive on their products, recently we've bought digital engraving machine to create out better film and printing effect. What is the advantages of it? Many complicated graphics with dots, like animals, flowers, human head can be printed very clearly and vividly on NORMAL PE EXTRUDING TUBE similar to PBL/ABL/labeling cosmetic tube ! Such as below image:




 hand cream tubes

Hand cream tubes


In the past, if wanna get complicated graphics look very vivid and clear, we can only suggest labeling tube or PBL/ABL TUBE with high MOQ and price. Because complicated graphic on normal PE tube looks very blur according to printing technique at that time.However, now we can print them on PE extruded tube well.Usually the resolution of normal tube printing plates is 120 lines screen. But this digital plate can reach 175 ~ 200 lines screen.See below comparison for different effect for two kinds of printing plate.



 plastic tubes packaging


 Plastic tubes packaging

Maybe you will ask if the MOQ and price of digital plate printing are higher than normal one?

NO! See below answers:

MOQ: 10k/sku for white normal extruded tube;20k/sku for colored or five layer extruded tube. What's more, this digital plate printing tube is suitable for diameter 16mm to 50mm, with capacity from 5ml to 250ml.It can print CMYK effect,but requires no exceeding 8C offset +6C silk-screen printing.

No doubt, this is a big improvement in printing technique. Now we already receive many orders from domestic market and are extending to overseas market.If you have interest in extruded tube packaging, we can offer you some samples to check. We really hope this new technique will help you get much more market shares.




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