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How to save tube packaging cost?

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Usually the product become more upscale, the price become more expensive. For the same reason, to make tube packaging surface more nice/complicated, the price is higher. Is that true? Sometimes, the answer is NO! How to to achieve it? See below example.

Offset printing + spot UV = silk-screen printing!
The red/green colors printing on MATTE white skin care tube looks very shiny and you will feel it is 3D when touching. (I purchased this product from HK, but we can surely do exact same printing effect). Maybe someone thinks this hand cream tube is silk-screen printing. Acturelly, they are offset printing+spot UV on red/green colors. This way can save many times cost of silk-screen, and also achieve similar effect with silk-screen( just spot uv area should be larger a litte than offset texts because of printing plate moving during bulk printing)
hand cream tube
Example 2, below are two matte plastic lotion tubes, their animal graphic is offset+spot UV. We made many similar tube packaging like them.
spot UV on tube packaing

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