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How to finish up the cream inside the skincare packaging

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This is an open topic for discussing. Skincare cream was wasted because there must be a little bit sticking on the inside of skincare packaging. People do not mean to waste (especially when it is very expensive eye gel/ serum, really do not want to waste any of it) but most of us have no idea about how to finish them up.


I am using a facial cream containing with glass bottle. The bottom of this bottle is wide while its mouth is narrow. As a result, it is a little bit difficult to swill the cream. I would prefer it was containing by an EVOH plastic tube packaging, because if so, I could squeeze the cream out easily. 
And there is another question. The waste (when the cream is going to run out) inside glass bottle must be more than in skincare plastic tube. I could cut the soft tube and finish up the final drop of cream. But for glass bottle, unless I broke it into pieces, otherwise I could not dig the cream out from its narrow mouth. 
Some ladies will use cotton bud to dig the last drop of cream from the skincare packaging with narrow mouths. Some will use a little water/ oil for washing it out. What about your ideas?

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