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Big area printing on skincare squeezable tubes

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Almost all kinds of skincare squeezable tubes could be printed with big area printing, no matter ABL tubes, PBL tubes, or normal plastic squeezable tubes. You may not have concepts for what is big area printing. Below are two photos for reference.

Big area printingAuberABLtubes

Big area printing could be offset and silk screen, but their effect will be a little different. Colors of silk screen big area printing is more solid. It will not have big change when printed on colored PE tube packaging. However, colors of offset big area printing may look ‘thin’ and they may change on colored tubes. The offset (left) looks thin and darker while the silk screen (right) looks solid and bright.
Therefore, clients preferring solid colors will choose silk screen for big area printing, though the cost will be higher.
But in some cases, silk screen big area printing could replace labeling and then some cost. Do you find the difference from below two samples? Actually the right one is label, but silk screen could achieve the same effect. This could be one tip for saving cost.
Another question appears in my mind, how to solve sealing problems once the tails of skincare squeezable tubes were designed with big area printing? We would discuss next time in another article. Thank you for your reading and attention. 

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