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My understanding of cosmetic tubes

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From paper packaging to cosmetic tube packaging, I found that their production process is similar, but there are still some obvious differences. Let's take a brief look at some of the differences between paper products and cosmetic tubes.

In printing:

Basic printing of paper packaging is processed before other complex decorations, such as lamination and varnish, but for special materials or inks, there will be time to do the oil and then do the other; but the cosmetic tube is usually coated with oil before Machine printing to add up itself adhesive force. 

In hot stamping:

Paper packaging is flat printing. Its materials are relatively smooth, which make it easier for hot stamping. Therefore, production loss of paper packaging is easy to control. But production loss of cosmetic tube with hot stamping is bigger because it is printed by roller.

The two industries seem unrelated, but many things are similar when we study. Now that I am confident about the cosmetic tube packaging industry, I am gradually learning more about it, such as daily oval skincare tubes, lip-gloss tubes, brush tubes, PBL lotion tubes, nozzle gel tube and cosmetic pump tube etc..

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