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The difference between Paper Packaging and Cosmetic Tube Packaging printing

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I worked on a paper product packaging company for almost five years and found many novelties because I had never been in contact with machinery and equipment, but also wondered how notebook, paper bags, and gift boxes were made. From the beginning to the end, I never learned the essence, and I gradually learned about paper printing. I have been in a Cosmetic Tube Packaging company for a year now and have discovered many novelties. I have found that paper printing and soft tube packaging printing are very similar and have their own unique features. Here are some differences between them. 

Same point:

Both paper and soft tube packaging printing can print different patterns with specific machines, and can also be stamped and screen printed on them.

Different point:

1. Material difference:

For paper printing, everything is flat; it must be flat, allowing some special pattern paper. But pay attention to the thickness, because when the machine is easy to flatten the lines. Generally, the special lines will be printed after basic printing.

The soft tube packaging is round normally, and of course some cosmetic tubes are made of sheets, but those belong to the screen printing process. If you want to make an oval tube, you need a secondary connector.

2. Technology difference:

A variety of decorations could be seen on notebooks, such as carving, hot stamping, and a three-D logo and pattern, embossed, laser cut, ordinary hot stamping, embossed hot stamping, ordinary embossing, three D embossing and silk screen, etc..

For the soft tube packaging, some of its process is simpler than paper packaging, for example, hot stamping and silk screen. But their caps are sometimes produced with multiple complex decorations, such as wooden cap, disc cap, concave cap, hot stamping the ring on cap, etc.. 

Moreover, the Cosmetic Tubes are distinctive in tail sealing. Their tails can be made into different shape.

In general, Cosmetic Tubes Packaging industry will get better and better, and I will become a professional member in this line in the further.

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