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Automation changes in cosmetic tube workshops

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We are now on CNY holiday, will be back in one week. Our workers have already been home for weeks. 

When I was just started with my job in 1995, I was working in a plush toy company which is an exporting and manufacturing company with annual sales of more than USD15,000,000. As I remember, the workers and our managing staff will work until very late before CNY. Although workers will be back to work after Lantern Festival, almost one week later than our staff, it's not hard to hire new workers. The old workers often introduce their friends, neighbours to join us.
However, after 20years'development, labour lackage is obviously the main point in all factories now in China. As all of you may aware, now it's more and more difficult to hire workers in every industry.In order to solve this problem,Foxconn purchased a lot of robots to be used in their mobile phone production line.
Even in our cosmetic tube industry,it is also the same trend. We are trying to purchase automatic machines, and if we already have the machines and don't want to invest more money, we'll try to replace more machines with automatic equipements.
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Last year in our workshops, we've replaced two automatic foil sealing and cap screwing machines, I think maybe will use two more soon.With the old machine, we need 2-3 workers in each position, and now just 1 in the same position. So for these two machines, we have alreaady saved 2-4 workers. 
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