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Speed up! More tube packaging orders are coming

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2017 is a crazy busy and prosperous year!

Not only the old clients are enlarging their quantity for tube packaging order, but also more and more new customers attend to Auber. As a result, all sections must speed up to handle more orders. But how to save time and work effectively? 
Preparing skin care tube samples for expressing could be an example. Sometimes we are really too busy to have enough time to prepare samples in time. In that case, our colleague Vicky from operation dept. prepared many sets of cosmetic tubes with different sizes/functions/usages in one time from warehouse and production lines and sticker the mark on each cosmetic tube then pack them well. See below pics.
What's more, when the stocked samples are going to be used up, they will replenish samples in time. Therefore, once clients need tube packaging samples, we could send them fast. 
I have to say our colleague is good at managing their time. It's very lucky and happy to work with them. Thank their hard working!

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