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One suggestion for upgrading your tube packaging

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People in China often say clothes make the man. Similarly, nice cosmetic tube packaging will help get good sale for the products indeed. Engaged in this industry about 5 years, I see many various of nice skin care tubes. Recently, many of customers choose another way to upgrade their packaging- cap color and tube color are matched+shading printing.

For example: choose a certain color covering the white hand cream tube surface, the large size printing color becomes deep gradually from tube tail to tube shoulder (it also named shade printing). Finally, choose a cap to match the deep printing color on shoulder part.-- see below pic.

hand cream tube packaging
With this kind of printing, the whole tube looks like colored tube with light/deep jumping effect. How do you think? Of course, if you had other new idea, let's discuss and achieve it together.
It can be printed on different sizes/shapes tube for skin care/hand cream/lip gloss/sunscreen products, etc.. 
Skin care tube for lip gloss
If you love this kind of tube designs, have a try. Maybe it will bring your a new visual effect and increasing sales. Of course, when you wanna see this effect on our stocked tube, pls visit our website.
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