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The difference between Paper Packaging and Cosmetic Tube Packaging printing[ 04-18 21:00 ]
Cosmetic Tubes Packaging industry will get better and better, and I will become a professional member in this line in the further.
Bamboo container[ 04-04 21:00 ]
Actually no manufacturer in China produces a full set of bamboo packaging.
Different Cosmetic Tube Tail Shapes[ 03-29 21:00 ]
Auber specializes in manufacturing cosmetic tubes?for more than 13 years. If you need any support in plastic squeeze tubes for cosmetics,etc, welcome to visit our website
Do you know the China Cosmetic market?[ 03-14 21:00 ]
We do tube packaging only, and we do it well.
Automation changes in cosmetic tube workshops[ 03-07 21:00 ]
Even in our cosmetic tube industry,it is also the same trend.
Fade of high glossy tube or tube packaging with hot stamping[ 02-28 21:00 ]
High glossy tube or tube packaging with hot stamping looks very stylish, attracts attention of consumers.
Align to the front get you a fortune[ 02-21 21:00 ]
Most people like oriented flip top cap for tubes both for round tube or oval tube.
Leakage Issue on Cosmetic Tubes[ 02-14 21:00 ]
Recently, there is a customer asked about leakage issue on cosmetic tubes, and we’ve shared some information with them.
What is the eco future in cosmetic packaging industry?[ 02-07 21:00 ]
To hold a new project too long may miss the best timing. One client ordered a very special cap for their new cosmetic packaging.
How to finish up the cream inside the skincare packaging[ 01-31 21:00 ]
This is an open topic for discussing. Skincare cream was wasted because there must be a little bit sticking on the inside of skincare packaging.
Big area printing on skincare squeezable tubes[ 01-24 21:00 ]
Almost all kinds of skincare squeezable tubes could be printed with big area printing, no matter ABL tubes, PBL tubes, or normal plastic squeezable tubes.
About PE Cosmetic tube[ 01-17 21:00 ]
The raw materials for PE cosmetic tubes are transparent which means all PE tubes are transparent at the first place.
2018 CNY Holiday Break[ 01-10 21:00 ]
2018 Chinese New Year is approaching. Auber office will be closed during 2018.2.15~21 to celebrate this most important festival in China.
Bamboo caps and environmental protection[ 01-03 21:00 ]
Bamboo caps look naturally, premium, expensive according to one of our clients’ statement.
MATTE and SHINY hot stamping on Skincare Plastic Tubes[ 12-27 21:00 ]
Generally, when making designs for Skincare Plastic Tubes,?many customers?like to?highlight their brand logos or products name via special?surface?technique, like hot stamping.
2017 Christmas blessing[ 12-20 21:00 ]
Here comes the white season again.?Christmas is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts.
New product-parts nozzle head[ 12-13 21:00 ]
The nozzle gel tubes heads are normally below two types.
New product-valve cap[ 12-06 21:00 ]
Water base cosmetics are normally liquid. Therefore, customers would use mini skincare plastic tubes because they could make with small orifice.
Mini movie about Auber-Me and my baby are taking part in[ 11-29 21:00 ]
From the beginning of 2017, Auber had made a plan—we would make a video about ourselves. But we would like to make something different from other cosmetic tubes manufacturer.
UV coating in cosmetic packaging industry[ 11-22 21:00 ]
UV varnish is a common surface finishing process in cosmetic packaging and printing industry.
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